4 talks, 3 days, 2 flights, 1 tired momma

We’re home!

It’s amazing to be home.

This was our first weekend away from Alex and I missed him more than I thought possible. And when Cohen caught sight of him in the airport he was all smiles and kicks and arms a-flappin’. It melts a momma’s heart to see the love between daddy and son.

But the weekend was amazing. We arrived on Friday afternoon to the loving arms of Cohen’s grandma, great-grandma, Auntie Jackie and cousin Chael. There were lots of kisses and cuddles and wide-mouth, gumsy smiles (from Cohen, not great-grandma ; )

Friday night my soul sister and bff Amanda arrived and we had our first session with a cozy group of women gathered around wood crackling in the stone fireplace.

Amanda led worship and it was a precious time together – the Spirit of God so present and powerful.  Amanda truly has a gift as a worship leader, not just because of a beautiful voice and amazing talent (which she has!!) but because of her heart. So often it takes me a while to really focus in on God, but when Amanda leads, she goes to that intimate place with God herself, so quickly and it’s so natural to follow her there. What a blessing.

The theme of the weekend was fierce love and we were all impacted by the words of 1 John 4:10 “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” As I taught and shared, the words came alive to me in a new way and I can only pray the same was true for everyone listening.  The idea that God loves me, not just everyone, but me – we can gloss this over so easily, can’t we? But something about that night just brought it to life again.

He loves us, oh how he loves us.

Saturday was busy and started WAY too early.  Cohen was still on Manitoba time and woke up at 5am!  Ungodly hour. We played and ate and worshiped and learned.

Both the morning and the afternoon sessions went SO well and were really infused with the heart of God. Our love for God is to be a natural response to his love for us…not forced, not another thing on our to do list but something we are swept up in.  When was the last time you were swept up in His love? Oh how He longs to sweep you off your feet.

It was hard not to have the time to really connect on a deeper level with each of the women there, as my hands were full with the little one. But despite the exhaustion and busyness, God was still able to use my humble offerings. One woman shared that during the listening prayer time we had at the end of each session, she heard God’s voice speaking directly to her for the first time ever! Wow. Being apart of God’s kingdom is never dull.

On Sunday we met for the last time, packed and gathered and shoved everything back into our bags and left the mountains behind. My eyes burned from another 5am wake up, but my heart burned with new revelation from the Father. His fierce love brings out fierce love in us, for him and for a world so desperately in need.  I left with a new understanding of that love, a new passion for the daughters of the earth who have no one to fight for them, and a new understanding of how HIS strength is made perfect in my weakness.

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  1. I also did a lot of flying this weekend…it looks like you had a great time! I am your newest Bloglovin’ follower and I’m so glad I found you on Little Miss Momma’s blog! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back 🙂

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