5 Ways to Get the Most out of Summer

1. Get yourself to some water! Whether its a ocean, river, stream, lake, pond or even a backyard kiddie pool – there’s something about dipping your toes in cool water, on a hot day that can’t be beat. I plan to spend many weekends at the lake, and week days at the local wading pool. Bring on the water.

2. Eat locally grown, fresh fruit and veggies. Farmer’s markets, u-picks, garden shares, or from your very own backyard garden – make a point of eating something fresh out of the garden every week. I’ve started a Summer Salads board on Pinterest which you can check out for more ideas on what to do with all those fresh finds!

3. Get outta town! Why not rent a cabin, borrow a trailer or buy a tent and get out of the city for a weekend? There’s something about getting away from home that forces rest and relaxation like nothing else. Better yet, find a spot without wifi or cell phone reception and be forced to UNPLUG! And if leaving town isn’t an option, pitch a tent in your backyard, basement or living room and curl up with your loved ones in cozy sleeping bags.

4. Reconnect with loved ones. Who haven’t you had time to catch up with over the last few months? Take some time to make a list of friends and family you’d love to see and give em a call. Summer is the time for breakfast dates, coffee in the park and couples nights. Why not set aside a night a week for hanging out with new couples you’ve been meaning to get to know?

5. An Adventure with God. This summer can be one of renewed passion for the Lord, if you’ll only set aside deliberate time for Him each day. This summer is a great time to change your normal routine and ask God to take you on an adventure with Him. Maybe instead of your regular devotional routine you could try something new. If you normally read a chapter a day, why not download an audio bible and go on a drive somewhere you’ve never been, listening along the way? Or get yourself a sketch book and pencil crayons and draw and sketch while you listen to or read your bible. Or maybe sit down at you piano or pick up your guitar and ask God to help you write a new song. It’s amazing how just a little change can bring new life, excitement, passion and even new revelation.


Now it’s your turn. What’s one thing you’d like to do to get the most out of your summer.  If you read this blog a lot and have never commented before, today’s your day! Take a minute and leave your thoughts – I’d LOVE to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get the Most out of Summer

  1. Coming from a family of teachers, summers have always been the most magical time of the year! The long lazy days are the best, the ones with no concrete plans but to do what feels right, which usually includes reading a good book, enjoying multiple glasses of sweet tea, and listening to crickets on the porch at sunset.

  2. I’m really looking forward to spending the summer at our lake. I’m always left in awe of what our amazing God has created when I’m there!

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