8 Months Old

“8 Months already?  Are you serious?”

Cohen Loves

– eating while we’re eating and preferably what we’re eating.

– Mum Mums, pears, white bread, muffins and cupcakes!  (just kidding about the last 3)

– concentrated time with mom, dad, grandma and grandpa

– smiling at anyone and everyone who will look his way

– watching his crazy dog Bailey and laughing at her antics

– splashing in the bath tub (and of course, his rubber duckie girlfriend!)

– sitting up and scooting on his bum across the floor

– chewing on stuff, like his brush and comb

– watching people clap.  Every time you clap in front of him he starts dancing and smiling and laughing.  It’s priceless.

Cohen does not Love

– going down for a nap

– not getting to eat exactly what we’re eating

– having his face wiped or nails clipped

– getting out of the bath and into his pj’s.  For some reason he always fusses during that transition.  Maybe cuz he’s cold and wet and tired and hungry…

– being strapped into the stroller. Gone are the days of leisurely shopping, while he sits like a contented prince in the stroller.

– basically, just not getting his way.  Uh oh.  Here we go…

When he gets frustrated he clasps his hands together like this and goes all tense! 

We Love

– his smiles and giggles.  He gives them out so freely!

– his crazy, wavy, strawberry hair.

– his babbling “ma ma’s” and “ba ba’s”.

– watching him learn new things, like giving kisses, turning the page of the book we’re reading, scooting around the living room.

– knuckle dipples

And a little scooting video, just for fun!

Click HERE

Also, my very talented cousin, (the one who made my book trailer) just made another video and it gave me chills.  Check it out HERE.

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