9 Months (this post is WAY overdue)

At the end of March little monkey-boy turned 9 months.  So yes, this post is SUPER late, but better late than never.

So what can I tell you about Cohen? Here are some random facts in no particular order…

– He’s been wearing his helmet for 4 weeks now and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all! What a super star.  People do stare at him sometimes and I’m sure they think I’m a super-paranoid-protective mother who thinks he’s going to fall out of his stroller or something, but hey – we’re dealing with it.

– Gummsy (as he is affectionately called by his daddy) still hasn’t cut a tooth.  That’s right, no teef for our man yet, which is a-okay with me seeing he’s still nursing.  Nursing + Teeth sounds like a recipe for disaster.

– He’s still dead-set on making EVERYONE smile. Even the people who awkwardly look away because of the helmet – he just stares them down with his wide-mouth smile and doesn’t quit til they smile back.  The other day we were at the post office and while I was paying, he was looking over my shoulder smiling.  When I turned around a saw a line of 7 or 8 people all smiling right back.  Sweetest thing ever.  I almost whipped out my phone and instagrammed it!

– Cohen has a mind of his own and is showing a bit of a stubborn streak. When he’s ticked, he’ll let you know by yelling and grasping his hands together in a messy ball of fingers and thumbs.  The kid does NOT like laying down for a diaper change, waiting too long for the food to get in his face after being put in the high chair, or generally waiting for anything he doesn’t want to wait for.

– Still not crawling…just going from one butt cheek to the other.  He goes on all fours and then just rotates to the other cheek…he can actually get around pretty well like this, but I keep telling him crawling would be way faster and more efficient! He also like to stand holding on to the ottoman or our hands.

I love you baby-boy.  You are totally my new BFF! xoxoxo

3 thoughts on “9 Months (this post is WAY overdue)

  1. Why does Cohen wear a helmet? I just found you through another blog and was curious.
    My son almost two has been wearing a helmet for 2 weeks now. it doesn’t bother him either, except when I put it on (full on war) or take it off (pulls his hair). We have been going through a silent emotionally roller coaster.He fell almost three weeks ago and has a fractured skull cause of the fall . Still really wobbly when he walks but his head is healing.

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