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 Double Your Business Weekly Planning Mini Course


Do you ever sit down at your desk with an endless list of tasks and no idea where to start?

This course will help you plan your week in 60 minutes or less so you know exactly where to start each day.

In one hour you’ll have your business and personal life planned and your to do list checked off. It feels so good to walk into your week knowing that the most important things WILL get done. You will feel clear, calm and confident. And the more clarity you have in your business, the faster you will grow.

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This Course Includes:

Double Your Business Planner 

  • 10 Min Morning 
  • Weekly Power Hour
  • Powerful Thoughts Activity

30 Min Training Video

 In this video Heather guides you through the step by step process to use the weekly planner to schedule your whole work week. 

"I just started doing your weekly power hour for the last 2 weeks and it has been really good!! It has impressed me and I moving through the week much more intentionally. I have been more intentional with myself, my kids and my husband!! I know this is the stuff you hear all the time but it is happening for me too! Anyway, it has been a mind shift but the mind is shifting and I like where I am going. I have accomplished a lot more this week than I have almost all month!"

Robyn Bolt

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