Hey Maker, Imagine if You could...
  • double your business revenue using your creative genius
  • spend less time on boring business tasks and more time on fun and play
  • take an extra day off a week and still double your profits


    It's the difference between the endless business grind OR using your creative talent to grow your business.

    Let me show you my unique process to double your creative business revenue in the next 6 months. 

This training will teach you how to:

  • Design a work schedule that prioritizes, fun, play and adventure
  • Turn your whole business into a playground for your creativity
  • Use your creative gifts to serve more people and make more money

This training is a must if...

  • You own a creative business and feel like you're constantly working but never getting ahead
  • You're hustling so hard during market and holiday season, and struggling to make sales in between
  • You feel like you have to choose between growing your creative business OR being present with your family
I've helped dozens of moms double their business & now I want to help you!

Hey I'm Heather, a certified life and business coach (The Life Coach School) who is passionate about helping small business owners double their creative business by mastering their time. 

I started my business in 2019 and made it my goal to create 100K in 3 days a week, so I could continue to be present with my young children. In 2020 I made 110K and in 2021 I almost doubled that and made 220K. And all of this while working 3 days a week!

Let me show you how you can double your business by harnessing your creative genius.