Mindsets to Scale

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Here's what we'll be covering in this workshop:
  • 3 Powerful Mindset Shifts that will help you scale with ease
  • Systems to scale from 5 to 6 figures - and beyond!
  • The single most important thing to grow your business in the next 30 days.

What’s going to accelerate your growth isn’t a sales script or a set of steps you need to take every week. It’s a complete mindset shift that happens over time and with consistency. And the best way to make this change happen is to do it in community and with support. That's what you will get in this training.


This training is a must if...

  • You own a business and feel like you're constantly working but never getting ahead
  • You're tired of feeling stuck and not sure how to accomplish the goals you've set
  • You want a clear plan to grow your business in 2023
We Are Here to Help!

In this 60 min training we're going to share our research-based, proven system to :

  • set goals and actually follow through and accomplish them
  • build momentum in your business to increase your monthly revenue 
  • daily mindset practices that will unlock your creativity and help you access ideas and solutions to grow to the next level.

We know being an entrepreneur is a grind sometimes. That’s why having the support of coaches and community is key to your growth. In this workshop we are sharing the MINDSET SHIFTS that have helped us scale our business to 6 figures. 

Can't wait to see you there!

- Jess and Heather 



After a fast couple of years where everyone was feeling a bit scattered or unsettled, learning about powerful thoughts and working through powerful thoughts about specific business challenges and goals has left a lasting impact on my organization and our team. - Whitney Thiessen, Seint Artist


Mastermind helped me put my thoughts and ideas into action by helping me take control of my schedule and build my business in a way that aligned with my personal values. I have a clear direction and action plan leading into the new year and I’m excited! - Erica Winter, Mortgage Broker


MM 2022 has been such a game changer for me. It has proven to provide me with the most amazing community, coaches and tools needed for me to grow in business + personally. I have definitely leveled up a few levels with Jess + Heather leading the way. - Susie Helland, Clothing Shop Owner