A Dream Come True

I wrote this post in May 2010, almost a year ago.  Have a look:

“In 2002 I traveled to New Zealand to attend Capernwray Bible School.  When school finished I went to Australia for a few weeks.  One particular day I ended up in Byron Bay and a church called Surfside Christian Fellowship.  It was there that God first planted His dream for me in my heart…it was this: “Don’t stop until you’re speaking in front of thousands of people.  God has called you to be a speaker/preacher”.  It was the first time I ever heard these words, but when I did, the just fit.  They made me feel whole.  I knew they were from God.
Since that time I have begun to see this dream come true.  I’ve had the opportunity to serve on the Beautiful Unique Girl tour and to speak at summer camps, retreats, conferences and church events.  I have traveled across Canada and Australia and spoken to many youth and young adults.  But there are days like today when I feel I’m still so far away and Satan, the King of Lies, tries to steal my dream. There are days like today when I go to an event like YC Manitoba and begin to doubt that I will ever have the chance to speak at something like that.
Today I was there with my friend who has been involved in YC events for several years, but I was just there as “Amanda’s friend”.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s all I wanted to be there for, but some part of me longs for more.  I want to be there as “Heather Boersma – Youth Speaker”.  I want to see my name in that program and know I have the opportunity to share God’s truth with those who come.  I believe that’s what I was made to do and yet there’s is nothing I can do to make it happen.  I can prepare, and pray, and be patient, but in the end it will have to be God.  It’s not about me…it’s about Him.”

Well this week my dream came true.  Guess who will be a workshop speaker at YC Manitoba 2011?  Me!  I’m amazed and humbled by how God works.  His timing is so perfect and I’m really glad I had the faith to believe He could do it.  It wasn’t about striving or trying to force something to happen, it was about surrender.  Yes, I’ve been preparing and praying and patiently waiting, but ultimately only God can make our wildest dreams come true.

I guess I’ll have to dream a little bigger for next year!

Don’t stop dreaming and have a great weekend!

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