A Good Week

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This week was a good one.  There have been moments of challenge and struggle but taking each day and hour and moment, as it comes, has kept me from feeling overwhelmed.

It’s kept me in a place of gratitude and joy.

1. Winter walks with Cohen, Bailey and Alex are my favorite.  Something about the cool air in my lungs and the sun warming my face – ya can’t beat it.

2. Look at that curl!  He reminds me of an old Hollywood movie star from the 1920’s.

3. I made my first book sale this weekend – my first few actually.  This blesses my troubled heart because there is always apart of me that gets scared the whole thing will be a huge fail.  It seems whenever we step out and take a huge risk for God, the enemy comes and tries to beat us down.  He’s a jerk. But he’s also WRONG.

4. Gummin’ on a cuke.

5. Red lips (yay, or nay?)

6. Making dozens of book page flowers for the book launch party next month.

7. I went shopping for my book launch party outfit (just a good excuse to go shopping!) and walked into a store that was decorated exactly the way I plan to decorate for my party! Totally inspiring and totally bought my outfit there too. Oh the power of good marketing…

8. This photo was taken from my back patio, with my bare feet in the snow, the dog barking like a hooligan and the baby crying inside.  You can really find beauty anywhere if you’re looking.

9. This kid is teaching me so much – about joy, about sharing smiles generously, about being open to life and learning and love.

Where will you find joy this week?

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4 thoughts on “A Good Week

  1. Congrats on the book sales! I’ve always wanted to write a book, but not sure what I’d say. Lol. That’s pretty awesome that you actually went ahead and did it! Are you just selling e-books or do you have a paper version somewhere? I think if I did it, I’d just self-publish an e-book (not sure if that’s easier or harder than finding a publisher – lol).

    1. I’m selling a paper copy and e-books. I think an e book is the way to go, especially if you’re a blogger. But I got paper copies because of all the speaking engagements I do. People like to be able to buy something after that they can take home with them.

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