A Mother’s Blessing

by: Hannah Giddens and Heather Boersma

This was written to bless the men in our Revival Group at school and I wanted to share it with all of the amazing men in my life. Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 9.22.10 PMAs a mother to a son, my biggest heart for you is for you to be you, not like the man standing next to you, not like the one who has gone before you, but you.

The world needs you, with your uniquely designed strengths and attributes, character and personality. As you step out as only you can, as God created you to be, as you allow Him to drench you with His goodness, purity, love and grace, you will change the world.

Intimacy with God is your key, pursue it, fight for it, hold on to it.

Know that changing the world happens one step at a time. I call you today to be one that does not give up easily, that fixes their eyes on the one goal – to bring Heaven to earth, by your life, your actions, by what you are called to do.

My son, I release you to dream, not the dreams that others have crafted for you, but the God dreams, Those dreams so precious, so deep that sometimes you hardly dare allow them to rise to the surface of your heart.

When you fall, know that failure it but a moment, and that God will use you in your strengths and your weaknesses to glorify Him, if you will let Him.

In your eagerness and passion, allow Him to go before you. In your strength and powerful anointing allow Him to be stronger. May there be gentleness in your strength, patience in your eagerness.

Know that you carry the heart of the Father, know that He will redeem every moment of the past and His hand is on every moment of the future.

I bless you to be the kind of friend who encourages adventure, initiates laughter and creates connection. It’s fun to be the life of the party, but remember you bring LIFE to every room you enter because of the presence you carry. May you never be afraid to care deeply, share vulnerably and see beyond the surface.

I bless you to be the kind of husband who pursues bravely, appreciates openly and commits fully. Some say marriage is the beginning of the end but yours will bring you to the end of your own strength so you can begin again with His, each and every day. May you never hold back from your precious wife, your pain, your process or your passion – it’s in the safety of this home you create where you will become much more than you ever imagined possible.

I bless you to be the kind of dad who plays tirelessly, hugs heartily and loves expressively. Becoming a parent will require more of you than you ever imagined but there is no better investment you can make than in the lives that carry your legacy. You will shape the world by the way your words shape them – your life’s greatest work.

And remember, my son, that the power in your listening comes from first being heard by Him. The impact of your words comes from the truth He has spoken over you. The reach of the love you can give from the how deeply you allow Him to embrace you.

May all your listening and loving, friending and fathering, investing and inspiring always flow first from who you are as His beloved son. This is your identity and inheritance.

One thought on “A Mother’s Blessing

  1. the power in your listening, comes from first being heard by Him, the impact of your words comes from the truth He has spoken over you.
    Thank you for this though provoking embrace.

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