A Stone Jar

As I listened to the story of Jesus’ first miracle being read by the pastor, a line struck me.

“Jesus said to the servants, ‘Fill the jars with water’, so they filled them to the brim.”

It was a familiar story to me and yet this line rang in my ears long after it was spoken.  Of all the characters in the story – Jesus, Mary, the disciples, the servants, the banquet-master, the bridegroom – I related to none as much as I related to the stone jar.

If I were a character in the story of Jesus turning water to wine, I would want to be one of the 6 stone jars.

Why?  Because Jesus’ first miracle would have taken place inside of me.  A transformation from the natural to the supernatural.  A filling and indwelling followed by an outpouring affecting the masses.  And all the while – the praise going to Jesus rather than to me.

We are called to be vessels not rock stars.

We are called to carry the divine – bear the image – not be God.

Lately I’m struck by how in the church and Christian circles we so desire recognition, fame, power and popularity.  Pastors are praised and worship leaders are worshiped.  This is not as it should be.

Jesus said “the last shall be first, the greatest shall be the least” (Matt 19:30)

As a follower of Christ I am called to be nameless and faceless to the world.  When I speak and write I don’t want people to glorify my name but the name of Jesus.  I don’t want my words to be remembered, but the ones spoken by God, directly to the heart of the listener.

I’m called to be the stone jar.  One filled with the power and love of God and overflowing to a world in need, a world sometimes too drunk to realize they’ve just been given God’s best – the wine that truly satisfies.

I just want to be the stone jar.

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