Advent Week 1: Hope

This past Sunday marked the beginning of the Advent season. The theme of this first week is HOPE.

Hope is a funny thing, because though its often what keeps us moving forward, it’s also what reminds us that something is missing. Some call it a “holy discontent” but what can possibly be holy about the discontentment? How can we truly be living in the fullness and abundance of Christ and yet still hoping for more?

But this is the Christian life, isn’t it? We walk by faith and not by sight, yet we hope in the promise that one day we will see Christ face to face. Just as the Jewish people waited (and many still wait) for the coming of their Savior, we who believe in Jesus wait for His return.

And not only do we wait for His return, but we wait for the fullness of what He has for us here on earth. We hope for freedom from past regrets, strength in moments of weakness, and wisdom to make the right decisions.

As we ponder the word “hope” this week, think about how you’re hoping Jesus will show up for you. In what area of your life do you need His life-giving presence the most? Is it your marriage, your finances, your ministry? Or maybe it’s an area of personal struggle, with pride or guilt or fear. How are you hoping Jesus birth, death and resurrection will make a difference for you, right here and now?

Take some time today to light a candle and reflect on the HOPE we have in Christ.

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