Advent: Why Wait?

Each night I go to bed looking forward to my morning cup of coffee. As the mother of two young children the nights are often too short, but knowing a cup of coffee will be warming my hands in the morning, helps a lot.

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Pouring the water into the kettle, grinding the beans, waiting for the coffee to steep, slowly pressing the grinds down – the whole process take a good 5-7 minutes. One morning I was in a rush, so I tried some instant coffee hiding in the back of the pantry. A moment later, as I was taking my first sip, it became apparent that the extra time it takes to make a proper french press is worth it.

There is so much value in the waiting.

This truth applies to the season of Advent.

During Advent, we take the time to prepare our hearts, just as one prepares a delicious cup of coffee. We wait. We anticipate. We breathe in and out, slowly and thoughtfully.

We wait because it reminds us that our lives here on earth are just a preview of the real thing. We can smell the aroma of heaven, on the downy head of a newborn and the freshly cut evergreen. We can hear the rustle of eternity, in the laughter of a loved one, and the songs of the saints.

This Christmas season we can let the days fly by in a blur of presents and baking, ribbons and shopping. Or we can press into the waiting. Take the time to steep our hearts in the unseen reality we live in.

This is not our home.

If we can say no to instant gratification, be faithful to the process, and truly wait, the result is a perfectly delicious brewed cup, rather than a bitter instant brew that leaves us wanting.

Will you wait?

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