All At Once

It’s been a busy week since we took possession of our new house this past Monday.  I’ve been meaning to update everyone but just haven’t had time.  Along with working furiously on our house (we need to have it ready by Sept.1st), I’ve also been spending tons of time with two of my dearest friends and their significant others.  Both of these girls are so precious to me and usually our friendships are only long distance.  But for some reason, one of them decided to move to Winnipeg from White Rock, BC (what was she thinking?!? ; ) and the other decided to spend her summer at home (she’s from Manitoba, but usually gone traveling).

Sometimes it happens all at once.  A big renovation project, friends in from out of town, speaking at camp next week, preaching in church on Sunday.  All of these things are so good, but I find myself tiring quickly.  In all the busyness, I’ve missed the chance to connect with God.  Not intentionally, but isn’t that how it happens?  Caught up in the rush of life, the voice of God is drown out by the noise…

It’s easy to stop and listen when I’m sitting by the lake, watching the pink and blue wash of a summer sunset.

It’s natural to think of my Creator as I swim across glassy, early morning waters.  But what about when I peel old wallpaper off of even older walls?

How do I connect with him as paint splatters on my face, muscles ache, and the work seems more than the energy to do it?  How can we live above the noise?

How do you live above the noise in your life?  I’d love to hear your feedback.

Feel free to comment below and have a blessed Sunday.

2 thoughts on “All At Once

  1. Hi Heather! You’ve hit on a topic that is a hard one. How do we be “still” in this fast-paced world? It’s difficult, but God shows us in different ways throughout our lives. He has for me!

    Thanks for your post. Keep writing.
    P.S. I LOVED the beautiful skyline picture. Awesome.

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