An Update

There is so much going on I thought I’d just post a little update.  Here’s the latest:

-I spoke at my home church Winnipeg Centre Vineyard this past Sunday.  Have a listen here:  “Loving God vs. Loving the World”

-My due date is only 3 months away!  Baby Boersma is growing, kicking and Alex and I are getting ready.

-This weekend I’m going to Calgary to speak at the Legacy Youth Conference in partnership with Beautiful Unique Girl.

-Following my weekend in Calgary, I’m flying on to Vancouver to visit my bff Alisha – my last big trip before the baby!

-I have 8 days left to write for my 30-day youth devotional book, “Dream Big”.  My plan is to have it edited and sell it on my website as an e-book.

-I will be guest posting on the blog (in)courage on April 15th.

I think that’s it for now…other than my interview for The Miracle Channel, which I told you about last post.  

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy each moment to the fullest!

One thought on “An Update

  1. Yippee!! So much good stuff happening, girl – especially the part where you come visit me 🙂 You are doing such an amazing job and I’m super proud of you!

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