Another Contest?!?

Hey lovely readers!

I’ve been nominated for the Blog Guidebook’s Top Blog!  I know I just finished hassling you all about voting for me in the Circle of Mom’s Top Mommy Blogs but that contest is over tomorrow (you can still vote!!), and there’s another place to lend the click of your mouse!

So if you love dreaming big, or even if you just like it, would you be so kind and vote?  I only have until Friday for the first elimination round and it’s just one vote per person.  (You can also vote from your iphone and every computer in your house if you want!!)

Thanks so much for your kindness and patience.  My hope is that by being apart of these contests my blog can reach more people with a message of the abundant life God has for all of us who follow Him.

All the glory to His name.

ps. This GIVEAWAY ends Friday at 9pm!

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