Another Hero

Last Monday I wrote about one of my hero’s, my Grandma Wiebe.

Today I want to tell you about another one.

My mom.

My mom is not only an amazing mother, but she’s an amazing woman.

She’s the one who prayed with me, on the floor in my room, after coming home from another day of being bullied at school.  From Grade 3-5 she prayed God would send me an angel-friend and in Grade 6 the prayers of a mother’s heart were answered.

She’s the one who taught me about discipline, working hard and achieving my goals.  No matter what I pursued she always told me I could do it – that I could be anything I wanted to be.

She’s the one who supported me as I struggled through a 3 year relationship that she didn’t agree with and the heartbreak that followed.  No condemnation, just patience and truth spoken in love.

She’s the one who

was diagnosed with breast cancer

a few months before my wedding,

who fought and survived.

That experience changed everything for me.

I love my mom and I always have, but going through that experience with her, watching her suffer and fight and win made me love, appreciate and respect her in a whole new way.  I always told her how strong she was and that she was a fighter.  Sometimes she’d say, “I don’t want to be a fighter anymore”.

But she never gave up.

And that is what she’s always taught me.

“Put your nose to the grindstone Heather.  Step 1: Turn on grindstone.  Step 2: Put your nose down on it. Step 3: Go!” 

When I almost quit University (several times) she told me to finish and that I wouldn’t regret it.

She was right.  She often is (don’t tell her I said that!)

She taught me about faith and about faithfulness.

My mother is a great cook, an awesome grandma, a loving wife, a faithful friend.  I love her and I hope I can grow up to be like her.

What about you?  Who is your hero?  Better yet, leave a link for a post you’ve written about someone you love.

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