Baby Got a Helmet

We had our first helmet fitting yesterday (read this post to get caught up) and besides showing up at the wrong place, a little fender bender, AND being half and hour late to the right one, everything went exceptionally well.

And here’s our little space cadet, in his new helmet (note: I get to call him that but YOU do not! :)).

For the first few days we’re just easing him into it (1 hour on, 1 hour off and not for naps or nighttime) and within five days he’ll be wearing it 23 hours a day.

We can take it off for baths, to air his head out if its getting sweaty, and to clean the helmet.  Technically we can take it off whenever we want, but the more he wears it over the next three months, the better.  Also, we’re still going to physiotherapy for his Torticollis because if that doesn’t get better, all the work done by the helmet could be lost.

Everything went so much better than I was anticipating and as someone wisely commented yesterday, it’s always harder on Mom and Dad than it is on the child.  This seems to be the case as he doesn’t seem phased AT ALL by the helmet.  In fact, he wore it home from the appointment yesterday and he fell asleep in the car, no problem.

Plus he kinda looks like a super hero.  I think I’ll tell my nephews its part of his Buzz Lightyear costume!

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, emails and support!  We are so blessed and appreciate it more than you know!

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9 thoughts on “Baby Got a Helmet

  1. 3 months in a helmet – wow! I think he looks really cute and tuff 🙂 It is sad that you’ll be covering up his beautiful hair, but on a positive note, you will be protecting his head from many bumps and bruises in the next while. Hang in there with his treatments!

  2. Aww, he looks cute with the helmet! I like the superhero idea. And really, one of the huge struggles to get over as a parent is the fact that we want our kids to be the most adorable kids ever, and we want the whole world to think so, too.

    But really, they’re wonderful, period. No matter what. With helmet or not. With whatever it is we might feel self-conscious for them about, or not.

    You’re doing an awesome job with having the right attitude! I hope everything goes very, very well!

  3. I think he looks really cute with his helmet on. And I agree, I’m sure this is alot harder of you and dad than it is on the little guy. He might even find it funny 🙂 I had to wear leg braces for 4 months when I was a baby because of a hip problem. I don’t remember a thing, and looking at all my baby pics from that time I was as happy as could be. 3 months will fly by and you won’t even look back.

  4. Only just came across your blog today, just wanted to say my baby boy just finished his helmet treatment a couple of days ago. He was in it for 12 weeks and has torticollis also. Just letting you know, I thought it was a big deal to start with, especially the physio etc, but after a little while I didn’t even notice the helmet!! He didnt even notice it at all!! We got some funny looks, but also got a few positive comments.
    He was a moderate to severe case, and his head is now in normal range. I notice a slight asymmetry, but to everyone else it’s fine! So if you need to ask any questions or anything, email me.
    Good luck with your gorgeous boy! 🙂

    Ps – it was also great for when he was learning to sit, bit of a crash helmet! Lol. I think I will miss it now for those purposes….

  5. Heather – Cohen is adorable! He will be just fine and I think that comment from yesterday is wise – he’s so young, he won’t even remember! Not sure if you saw my post today, but just wanted to let you know that I’m closing down my blog. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to check out my last post, but just wanted to thank you for your friendship and being one of the inspiring ladies in my journey! I’ve loved getting to know you 🙂 xo

  6. Aww! He is so adorable! Def the best looking Buzz 🙂 Sounds like he is doing well, so that is great! Glad he’s adjusting to the helmet.
    This does make me laugh a little because my son is 3 and he like to wear his bike helmet all the time! He puts it on with his sun glasses and does “work.” It’s really cute.
    So both our boys wear blue helmets 🙂

  7. So glad that He has adjusted so well to the helmet. It is hard on the parent and I can totally understand that at the moment. This post just brought a whole host of emotions to the surface because my daughter is sick at the moment and the Dr. is suspecting Cystic Fibrosis.

  8. awww, I totally identify with your mother’s heart in going through this with your child…! I actually came really close pursuing a helmet treatment for our daughter years ago. we could never get her to lay on the other side of her head, she always, always kept her head turned one way, and it resulted in one side of her head being obviously flatter than the other, and, I felt, shifting of features also. our dr was never concerned, though, and so I just tried to let it go (I knew I had the tendency to over think things like that). things did seem to get a bit better over time, but as her mom I can still tell a difference, and I just always hope that it doesn’t affect her later in life!

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