Better than Open Doors

I’ve been thinking a lot about opportunity and the beautiful way that faithfulness and timing meet and suddenly – an open door! But the time before the door opens can really suck. It’s so easy to get impatient, or start striving or just want to quit.


This week I taught a class all about why we shouldn’t quit when we feel like quitting. Through preparing for that class, God reminded me that we reap what we sow and if we don’t give up, a harvest is coming.

Then I watched an episode of Bethel TV and these four powerful women of God shared about this coming year being a year of open doors. Something in my Spirit quickened.

And then on Friday – a door opened, for me. A big door, one that I wasn’t expecting but is even better than anything I could’ve planned myself.

I can’t give you the details right now, but what I can say is I’m totally thrilled and excited and nervous and excited and scared and excited. There’s nothing like a new, unexpected, unstrived for opportunity to get the blood pumping.

But you know what friends, by the afternoon I was feeling down again…

I sat there wondering how I could possibly be this discouraged even though this amazing opportunity had just been offered to me?

And He spoke into that dark place and said, “even open doors won’t satisfy you like I can.”

Does that hit you like it hit me?

Friends, the gift will never be as good as the giver.

The door, never as thrilling as a relationship with the God who opened it.

The opportunities coming your way (and yes, they are coming) will not fill your deepest desires the way HE can.

So as you wait for your open doors and as you walk through them, remember to cling to Him. Run to Him. Listen to Him. Let Him love you. He is our greatest prize.


7 thoughts on “Better than Open Doors

  1. “God reminded me that we reap what we sow and if we don’t give up, a harvest is coming.”

    I want to write these words in a place where I will see them daily. It is so true that if we push through our trials and press into Him, there is a harvest ahead. Thank you for this reminder Heather. Congratulations on your mystery opportunity, too! πŸ™‚

  2. We as a church staff have been pondering the words from Bethel about the open doors. We just moved into our brand new building, something we own, a permanent place after 17 years. We are excited to see the doors of opportunity that await us, all for His glory!

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