Better to Give

It’s been just over a month now since Dream Big hit the internet shelves and I’ve been so blessed, encouraged and overwhelmed by the love and support you’ve all shown by purchasing it! It’s humbling and thrilling to think God may bless and encourage you through my words, and more importantly, His Word.

From the moment I knew the book would be published I felt God clearly leading me to donate 20% of all profits towards a cause. I prayed for weeks and weeks, seeking God’s direction and the right fit and after a few different confirmations, I decided to partner with an organization here in Winnipeg called Youth For Christ.

“For over 50 years, YFC has been a leader of innovation and excellence in positive youth development. As a Christian non-profit charity, YFC exists to help young people attain their full life potential. YFC is not a church, but we do work with churches, government, schools and other youth serving agencies to meet the needs of teenagers.” (taken from their website)

Initially I was hoping to partner with an organization specifically fighting against human trafficking (like the A21 Campaign) but then I realized human trafficking likely happens right here in my own city, and organizations like YFC help prevent young people from getting involved in crime.

So every time you buy a paperback or ebook copy of Dream Big, not only are you taking a step towards seeing your dreams come true, but you are helping make the dreams of underprivileged and at risk youth come true!

For all of you who have purchased a book already, I’m happy inform you that 20% of your purchase will go specifically to a group of teen moms from the inner city of Winnipeg. I have the incredible honor and privilege of speaking at YFC’s annual teen mom retreat in June and will be giving each of the girls in attendance a copy of Dream Big, paid for by all of you! So from them and me to you, a most sincere THANK YOU!!!

If you still haven’t had a chance to buy the book, and you’d like to, click here! Also, if you’re from Winnipeg, send me a quick email ( for a special free shipping promo code!

Thanks again friends!



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  1. I started reading your book yesterday Heather. I’m so blown away already! It shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. I’ve always known you would go on to do great things with your God given talents of writing and speaking. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

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