Big Dreams in the Every Day

This year I have 5 main goals that relate to 5 different areas of my life – family, online, speaking/tv show hosting, community and serving. I have big dreams for each of these areas of my life, but my daily reality dictates that most of my time is spent on family (approx. 11-12 hours each day). Sometimes I can combine family and community by planning play dates and attending mom’s group and church, etc. but the time that’s left for purusing my goals online, with the tv show/speaking and service is minimal (approx. 3-4 hours of a day, max).


However, often these “free” hours are eaten away with folding laundry, wiping counters, putting away toys and watching tv and eating ice cream.

I’m sure you can relate to my challenge. There are all of these goals and dreams in my heart, but one of these areas is dominating my time and challenging how much I can pursue the others.

This is why it is SO important to use the time I do have in a focused way. To keep the main thing, the main thing. To not get side tracked by social media, by looking at what everyone else is doing, or by working on things that aren’t actually moving me closer to my goals.

Just today I had about an hour when both kids were sleeping, and instead of spending that hour working on pre-production planning for the show I’m co-hosting, I got side-tracked. I went over to one of my favourite blogs and started admiring the work she’s been doing. I began thinking “I should be doing something more like that” and then mentally planning out how I could do more of what she was doing.

But doing more of what someone else is doing isn’t one of my 5 goals this year (maybe next year). My goal is to create and amazing tv show for teen girls. That is my goal. So when I have time to focus on goals other than family, I can’t afford to get sidetracked by comparison, competition, distraction or anything else. That’s not going to get me where I want to go.

Instead I need to remind myself of that big picture goal, and the steps I need to take to accomplish it and then take those steps, one day at a time. 

This is the nitty gritty of big dreams. The daily walking-it-out. The being faithful. The keeping our eyes on the prize.

One great way to do this is to write down your goals and keep that list visible. I keep mine in a binder on the kitchen island and refer to it when I make my to do list each week. This helps me to be more intentional about how I spend my spare time.


How do you keep yourself from getting distracted from pursuing the big dreams you have? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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