How to Double your Business in the 6 months

In the hopes of growing my business I have signed up for all kinds of online courses and programs – all of them offering me a 10 step program to grow my business. But the thing is, most of them haven’t worked. Not because the programs aren’t well thought out and informative, but because they focus on the ACTION I need to take and ignore the THOUGHTS I need to be thinking. 

This week’s YouTube video explains why you don’t need another 10 Step Program to double your business in the next 6 months. Check it out:

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Feeling Bad for Feeling Bad

You know what’s worse that a bad mood? Feeling shame and self judgement over being in a bad mood.  So often when I’m feeling off or upset I have the thought “I should be past this by now” or “I shouldn’t feel like this – I know better.” This 5 minute video walks you through… Read More


Pre-Order “Letters from a Big Sister” Today!

My newest book “Letters from a Big Sister” is now available for pre-order! “Letters from a Big Sister: Shared wisdom to Encourage and Equip Teen Girls” is a book birthed out of a dream to connect big sisters in the faith with their little sisters. Each chapter begins with a letter written from a big sister sharing a struggle she went through as… Read More


2018 In Review

It’s so natural for me to look ahead to what’s next that I often forget to stop and celebrate how far I’ve come. I love planning, dreaming and taking forward action, but there is something powerful about looking back and reflecting on how we got where we are. To truly celebrate the gains we’ve made,… Read More