Blue Bird Day – A Memory

The sun glares off the windshield as it rises above the zigzag line of the Rockies on the horizon. My feet rest on the dash and Alex looks over giving me a look that says, “Do you really have to put your bare feet on the dash?”

I smile back, close my eyes and tap my toes to the beat of the music coming from the radio. It’s 6:30 am on a February morning and we are off to Sunshine Village for a day of skiing (for me) and boarding (for Alex). It doesn’t get any better than this.

After a two and half hour drive through Calgary, Canmore and Banff we finally arrive at the hill. Alex goes to buy the lift passes and I head up to the rental shop to get some skies.

You see I’m the prairie-girl-who-doesn’t-own-skies and Alex is the Alberta-born mountain junkie who has three snowboards and all the latest gear. But we both love the mountains, the snow and the thrill of the two combined.

On the scenic ride up the gondola we meet a family from Europe and converse easily, before stepping out into a sanctuary at the top. We are surrounded by tall, lanky evergreens growing on the steep sides of towering mountains.

“Which chair babe?” I ask.

“Angel” he says with a wink, strapping his board on and sliding over to the lift.

As we cruise up the mountain we excitedly plan our route and talk about the amazing conditions. It’s rarely sunny at Sunshine, but God seems to have smiled on us this “blue bird” day.The overnight snowfall glistens in the morning sun – fresh and inviting.

The first two hours are the best as we make fresh tracks through deep powder. Alex straight-lines down the hill and I keep up, cruising through the trees and keeping him in sight. By noon we are ready for a break and have lunch in the lodge. We feast on big burgers and crispy fries, smiles stretched across our wind-kissed faces.

There is an ease and comfort in our conversation as we get bundled up and head back out.

Three more hours of playing and we are ready to head home. Its memorable days like this when I know we’re blessed to have one another.

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