Camp Arnes Update

This past week I was speaking at Camp Arnes and had such a great time sharing the word of God each night in Wigwam (chapel).  It was so amazing to see God work in the lives of campers, calling them closer to himself.  On Wednesday night I gave the gospel message and many campers committed to Christ for the first time.  It always rocks my world to see lives changed in this way.

The theme of the week was “Live above the Noise” which fits perfectly with what I feel called to speak about.  We get so caught up in distraction, materialism, technology, etc. that sometimes we miss out on really living!  Enjoying the people God places in our lives, the places he wants to take us, and the little ways he speaks to us each day is what it’s all about.  It was great to be able to challenge the campers to dream big and not settle for less than God’s very best.

This morning I also had the amazing opportunity to preach in my home church, Winnipeg Centre Vineyard.  I shared about the spiritual principle of speaking God’s truth over ourselves.  The message was based on 1 Samuel 30:6 which says, “Moreover David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all the people were embittered, each one because of his sons and his daughters.  But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.

This week I hope I can take all that God has taught me through preparing and delivering these 6 messages and apply it to my own life.  I hope that next time I get discouraged or upset I’ll claim the truth of God’s word over myself, and that I won’t get caught up in the distraction of this world but fix my eyes on Jesus instead.

One thought on “Camp Arnes Update

  1. hey, I was one of those campers who said yes and i still cant thank u enough! i feel now like my life goes to god and i`ve asked him for the the desire to want to read the bible and hes given it to me!

    I love what god did through you! he changed my world and specifically my friend`s!! she was amazed! i love her and you!
    I dont know what gods gonna do through me but i love what he did through you!

    you’re my great and best and first role model!

    thnx for all you’re time,
    Natasha (PS: i love you’re hair and shirts!)

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