His Promise in the Process

I wasn’t able to attend the morning session of a retreat I was speaking at this past weekend because of my uncle’s funeral. Instead I recorded the session and would love for you to have a listen and hopefully be encouraged. Remember, wherever you’re at in you’re journey, we’re all in process and we all have access to the most amazing promise – His Presence.



What’s In Your Hands?

Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck. Like the big dream is somewhere out there, and I’m stuck here – waiting for something important to happen. I swing between the two extremes of trying to do everything in my power to make something happen or convincing myself I don’t care anyways. But I’ve learned there are other options…. Read More


Big Dreams in the Every Day

This year I have 5 main goals that relate to 5 different areas of my life – family, online, speaking/tv show hosting, community and serving. I have big dreams for each of these areas of my life, but my daily reality dictates that most of my time is spent on family (approx. 11-12 hours each day). Sometimes I… Read More


Some Exciting News

Being on television was never on my bucket list. Speaking in front of thousands, yes. But co-hosting and co-producing a tv show for girls aged 10-17, it just wasn’t on my radar. But as of Friday I’m officially in pre-production mode for the Beautiful Unique Girl show, and 30 minute program which will air on… Read More


Our Only Hope

This past weekend I had such a great time speaking at a youth conference put on by Steinbach Bible College called IMPACT. The theme of the conference was Exploring Hope, which I spoke about on Friday evening, Saturday morning & evening and Sunday morning. I also did a workshop for youth pastors and leaders Saturday… Read More


Favourite Finds

So many great resources, opportunities and inspiration on the internet this week! A Great Cause: Do you ever feel like there are so many needs in the world and you don’t know where to start helping? Sometimes I feel paralyzed, rather than empowered by all the opportunities. But I’ve been learning to open my eyes to… Read More