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I heard her speak for the first time 7 or 8 years ago. She moved across the stage with grace, ease and authority. Within minutes she had the room roaring with laughter, but she wasn’t just there to entertain.  She was there to speak the powerful, life changing, words of TRUTH.

As I listened to her words, the Lord spoke to me through her and I caught a glimpse of my future. I knew in that moment one day I would be doing something similar – speaking the truth of God’s word to women, men, young, old – inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Chris Caine is a huge inspiration to me. Not only does she preach and teach with wisdom and conviction, she actually lives it out. Three years ago she started a ministry called the A21 Campaign which rescues girls from the grip of sex trafficking in countries like Greece and the Ukraine.

Recently I wrote and published my first book and have decided to donate 20% of all the profits.  One of the organizations I plan to give this donation to is A21 because I SO believe in the work they are doing across the globe. No one should be bought and sold like a commodity and everyone deserves to live a life of freedom. Chris is literally giving her life to this cause and I admire and respect her for that and I’m inspired to take action myself.

To find out more about her ministry check out and

Also, for some great teaching and encouragement check out these amazing podcasts (I’m currently listening to the “Leadership and Ministry” series and its rocking my world!)

She’s also written a few great books which you can find here.

Which women or men of the faith inspire you? I’d love for you to leave a comment and share so I can check them out too! I’m always looking for great podcasts and books to spur myself and others on to love and good deeds.

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  1. I LOVE Christine Caine!! She spoke at my church last year and she is coming back towards the end of June. One of the women in our church began A21 Carolinas which is the first US branch of the organization. I am signed up as a volunteer and hope to be writing little pieces for their blog. Definitely a cause worth fighting for!

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