Christmas Whirlwind: Part 1

The eve before Christmas eve.  A few quiet moments by the tree thanking my Savior for the most amazing gift of all.

His light and peace.

And His ability to illuminate the darkest places.

Christmas eve day brekkie, made by my hubs.

Christmas with the Wiebe’s.  Yuri and Lev (my sweet nephews) generously gave some of their favorite things to lil Cohen.  It was so sweet to see their generous hearts.

Reading the Christmas story with Grandpa.  Yuri kept saying, “When can we open presents?  Can we open presents yet?!?”

There was lots of wrapping paper and tissue and gift bags everywhere.

On Christmas morning we packed our bags and headed to the airport for Cohen’s first trip to Alberta.  He was such a champ on all of the flights, smiling at anyone who would catch his eye and just generally being the cutest baby alive.

See what I mean?

What a profile.

More to come on the rest of our Christmas adventures, Cohen’s six month update and His very first HAIRCUT!!!  So glad to be back and excited to catch up with all of you too!

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