Cohen the Barbarian: 6 Months

On Christmas Eve lil C turned 6 months old!  Three days later he had his first haircut and my infant officially became a little boy (at least in his momma’s eyes).

Cohen Loves:

-bath time and kissing his rubber ducky

-eating “big person” food in his high chair, like applesauce, bananas, sweet potato, butternut squash and rice rusks

-talking loudly and yelling.  Often while nursing he throws his head back and yells…which is why I’ve nicknamed him “Cohen the Barbarian”.  I imagine he’s yelling – “I am man-baby. Hear me roar!”

-reading books

-sitting up like a big boy

-jumping in his exisaucer and jolly jumper

-smiling at new people, old people, ALL people really

Cohen Disloves:

– getting dressed after his bath

– being stuck in the car seat for too long

– books that have too many words and not enough pictures

– going down for naps

– not getting to eat what we’re eating

We Love:

– his big blue eyes

– the way he charms everyone with his huge smiles

– how amazing he does traveling, both by car and by plane

– kissing his soft skin

– listening to him tell stories

– that crazy hair.  Even the haircut can’t tame it!

And one more to make you smile.

6 thoughts on “Cohen the Barbarian: 6 Months

  1. Such a cutie! I think there’s still alot of baby left in him though, but isn’t it funny how quickly they try to grow up and be big boys?! I have to say I am a tad jelly of Cohen’s amazing locks! J is still pretty bald, except for a weird long curly q at the back 🙂

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