Cohen’s Top 10: Foods

Cohen’s Top 10:

#10: Organic baby food mixes, like turkey and vegetable, or beef with pasta and tomato sauce. I like to make most of his baby food, but these are great cuz they have the chunkiness a 10 or 11 month old needs without being too runny or too thick.

#9: Sweet potato and yams.

#8: Greek yogurt.

#7: Bananas and Pears. Any pureed fruit really, but bananas are easier for him to eat in little chunks, without help.

#6: Quinoa and Rice.

#5: Avocado. This stuff is amazing.  Just cut up a ripe one and let ’em have at ‘er.

#4: Cheerios. A perfect snack for on the road or at the end of a meal to keep him happy while I’m finishing my meal.

#3: Chicken. After I roast a whole chicken or cook chicken breast I give him bite sized pieces and he eats them so fast I can barely keep up!

#2: Mum Mums. These are my go-to for sure. I bring the EVERYWHERE with me and they always work when he starts to fuss.

#1: Cheese! The kid cannot get enough of this stuff. As soon as the cheese chunks hit the deck, he’s two-fisting those bad boys as fast as he can!

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  1. My 11 month old likes her carbs…cheerios, pasta, rice, couscous. She is getting into fruit now-applesauce, peaches, and such. But she loves people food. She has never been into pureed stuff. Whatever we are eating, she wants to have. Even spicy food like Indian curries, and Mexican. She is my different child.=) And I love her SO much!

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