Day 25: How to Fight Discouragement

Yesterday I set out to listen to God’s voice, rather than fill my head with all the other voices. I tried to stay off social media (for the most part) and took the few moments I had alone to ask the Lord some questions and wait for His answers.

Well, I didn’t do such a great job of avoiding social media, but on my drive home from the gym, I asked God what He wanted to talk to me about and the word “discouragement” came up. As I began to pray and ask more about this word, I realized it’s not just me that’s been struggling with feelings of discouragement this week, but many of you have been too.


It’s true, isn’t it? You feel frustrated, tired, and you want to give up, right? I only know cuz I’m right there with ya. This week has just been plain hard. With Cohen refusing to nap, the day is WAY too long and from 7am – 7pm I rarely get a moment to myself. I never realized how much I treasured nap time until it disappeared. (If you have ANY advice on how to get the nap back, please let me know!)

And then yesterday I went and did something really stupid, and looked at my google analytics. Lawd, help me. Why do I do these things to myself? I just can’t help it, I guess. Well anyways, even though I’ve been writing every day this month, my pageviews haven’t sky rocketed. I don’t know what I was expecting, but immediately I felt disheartened. Why bother putting all this effort in to writing a blog if no one reads it?  I know, I’m dramatic. But that’s how I felt.

The word “discouraged” only occurs about 15 times in the bible. 10 out of the 15 times is it preceded by the phrase, “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” What stood out to me from this is that fear and discouragement go hand in hand. Our discouragement is often rooted in fear. So to get rid of our discouragement, we need to idetify and get rid of the fear.

Here’s how to fight the discouragment.

Think about the things that have been discouraging you lately. Write them down.

Then for each one on your list, write down the fear that is associated with the discouragment.

And lastly, pray over that list. Bring it to God because He is the one who can send those fears packing. God is love, and love casts out fear, so when you identify and pray over those fears, the discouragement will lift.

For me, the fear of not being valuable or significant is the root of my discouragement from looking at blog stats. When I bring this fear to God He reminds me of the truth that I’m His daughter, His heir, His friend and co-labourer and my value and significance are found in Him.

What about you? What things have been discouraging you lately and what fears might be connected to that discouragement. Bring it to God and allow Him to lift that cloud and shed some light.

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7 thoughts on “Day 25: How to Fight Discouragement

  1. Hi Heather,

    I am Seeking Gods Advise and direction for a God Loving Woman to speak at Our Annual Ladies Retreat, I think 2nd week of march. We are usually around 40 woman. We have met yearly for the past 20 years at Camp Arnes. WE have had a few speakers but mostly in-house speakers. I would love to hear about some topics that yu have loved to share and teach! Thanks so much!

    Vandy Roy

  2. Oh, Heather, I think the Lord might have had me in mind when he put this on your heart to write! Read it through tears this morning…you are absolutely right; my discouragement is rooted in fear, and rooted in lies I hadn’t even known I was buying into. I think he has better things for me today than fear and the lies that nobody cares 🙂
    And I absolutely hear you on the weariness that comes with no naps and not sleeping! My little one has decided 3am-5am is party time every night and my toddler has had the croup…no sleep for mama! Hang in there, girl. The only thing I know is that every stage does eventually change…EVENTUALLY! Ha 🙂

  3. For the past 2 months, I have finally realized my energy has increased. And for the first time in years I can actually stay up to almost 10pm and feel ok the next day!!! 😀 I feel content in life, love where I’m at, and my health has been “better” than it has been in a long time, and things felt wonderful…and then 2 wks ago I started getting gallstone attacks. The pain is awful and its hard to eat, because I don’t know what I can eat w/out getting pain :S Theres much more to the mix, but that just makes things worse, but basically, I identify with the word discouraged right now–and I have tears w/ this blog too. But, I’ll try give a go at what you suggested. Bringing my heart to God always helps…so I know it IS sound advice, thanks for sharing from your heart! ps. Even if not many people read your blogs (I do from time to time and they *are* a blessing to read!) know that God is using the truths He teaching you in them to be a blessing to others…maybe not via your blog, but perhaps, by writing it out, it will come up in a conversation w/ someone because God put in on your heart. Don’t doubt what God can do. This is something I’m trying to learn and believe more fully: Don’t doubt God’s BIG-ness! He IS using you.:) Will pray today for the nap situation!

  4. Ohhh….NEVER look at the stats! I feel like stats are like a scale for bloggers. I have thrown out my scale because it either makes me overly anxious over my weight, or falsly confident in the wrong things! Stats are the same. I either end up feeling great, or miserable…and it is all connected to me wanting to feel significant. But God is not concerned with our stats, just our faithfulness, our hearts and our obedience. Love your action steps, and the heart behind this! Thanks so much for sharing! We should make a no stats pact! 🙂

  5. This blog is an echo of what Hannah Kallio shared with me in a coaching session: Discouragement and Fear are built on lies. The only way to successfully combat them is through obedience to God and love for Him and others.

    My discouragement has been with my marriage and myself/life -feared that I will never be good enough. God has been repeatedly showing me otherwise: He accepts me and love me for who I am now and who I can be in time to come. So I decide to celebrate the freedom, privilege and awesomeness to be His (dependent child), and being connected to the family and friends in my life.


    PS. My 2-yr old goes napless from 6am to 6pm. So Sarah, I am happy to hear it will change EVENTUALLY, as I am running out of steam and cant keep up with “my energizer bunny” 😀

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