Day 29: When God Speaks Through Nature

Yesterday I shared about how God used an owl to encourage Alex and I as we awaited the birth of our son Cohen. And today I want to tell you about the falcon.


Weeks after we found out I was pregnant for the second time, I began to have fears and doubts about my pregnancy. During the first trimester I didn’t really feel pregnant, and instead just felt kinda sick and very tired.

On one particularily exhausting day I started to think, what if I lose the baby? Or what if something goes wrong? What if? So I prayed and asked God to speak and remind me that He was in control no matter what. A few hours later Alex called to me from the living room, “Heather come here! You gotta see this.” I got up and ran into the living room and over to the front window. There, sitting on our front lawn, was a falcon.

Now remember, we live in the city. Like, in it. Surrounded by houses. But somehow, this beautiful bird of prey had found it’s way into our front yard. I ran to get the camera and as I was getting ready to take a photo, the falcon suddenly flew right at the window and swooped up, just missing the glass. Alex and I looked at each other is awe. I couldn’t help but think of the prayer I’d prayed only a few hours earlier, asking for a sign.

Later, as I was researching falcons I discovered that they often represent light. At that point we didn’t know the gender of our baby, but I knew if it was a girl she would be named Claire, which means “bright light”. And about six months later we had our sweet Claire and a few months after that, Alex got a tattoo of a falcon to represent his daughter.

So why tell you these stories? Today I want to encourage you that if we open our spiritual eyes and ears and open our hearts to understand, we’ll find that God is speaking to us all the time. Whether it be through scripture or song, sermon or sign, He is trying to communicate with us. And what I believe He longs to communicate, more than anything else is His love. Oh, how He loves us. As my dear friend Amanda says, if only we could see the look in His eyes and hear the tone of His voice, we’d realize it’s not just what He’s saying, but how He’s saying it that matters.

May you hear His tenderly whispering His love over you today.

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