Day 4: Just Ask…and Wait


Prayer has never been my favourite thing. That sounds bad, but its true. I’m someone who likes to get things done, and prayer used to feel like spinning my wheels, sitting around and talking at the sky.

Until I learned about listening prayer.

For a long time I treated my prayer life like leaving a message on God’s answering machine. I’d call Him up and profess my love and gratitude, give Him my list of requests, maybe even pour out my frustrations, and then hang up. But what relationship thrives on one-way communication?

So why do we leave messages for God not expecting Him to have a response. Why not practice two-way conversation in our prayer lives?

It’s a simple as asking a question and actually waiting for a response.

Psalm 19:15 “He will call on me, and I will answer him.”

Maybe this sounds as foreign to you as it did to me when I first learned about it. Or maybe you’re already tuned into God’s voice and hear from Him regularily.  Either way, I have a little exercise for you today.

Take a moment and ask Jesus this question: “Jesus, do you love me?” and “How much do you love me?” Resist the urge to skip over this part or think you already know His answer. God’s thoughts about you outnumber the grains of sand, and maybe, just maybe He wants to share those thoughts with you in words and ways you’ve never heard before.

So ask Him and then just sit. And wait.

Give him more than thirty seconds. Set your watch for 2 minutes or 5 minutes.

It’s hard isn’t it, to still our racing minds, to set aside our good-intentioned to-do lists, to rest in His presence? But when we do, when we come to the Shepherd and sit at His feet, He never disappoints us.

If you did this exercise, and heard God speak, I would LOVE to hear what He spoke to do you. Maybe it was a phrase, or maybe a picture in your mind. Perhaps it was a verse or a line from a song. Whatever it was, know that if it’s good and true and pure and lovely – it is from God. Feel free to share in the comments below.

If you found this difficult or still doubt that God can speak this way, I hear you. But please stick around for the rest of the month as we continue to explore what the bible has to say about hearing from God.

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4 thoughts on “Day 4: Just Ask…and Wait

  1. I love prayer, but I have to be honest sometimes I pour out my heart then don’t wait and get frustrated because He isn’t answering me when more likely He is and I’m just too loud in my head to hear Him

  2. First I saw a pic of a large body of water, like the ocean. God showed me he loved me more then the size of the ocean and deeper then the deepest waters. I then saw myself laying in the water. It showed me how small I was compared to the large body of water. It kind of put things into perspective. Gods love for me is so very great!

  3. He loves me every day, all times. He said if all the stars were to be counted up, they could not outnumber His thoughts for me!
    Thanks for your post!

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