Day 5: Guess Who

It’s the weekend! Happy weekend friends. Instead of going heavy on the content I’m going to use the weekends for telling some of my personal stories of hearing God’s voice.


When I first learned to use my prayer time to ask God questions and actually wait for a response, it changed everything. All of a sudden my relationship with Jesus became a real friendship, a two-way conversation – it actually became fun!

At this point in my life I was still single and of course, one of the questions I always wanted to ask, but didn’t was “who is my husband and when am I gonna meet him. And is he hot?!?”. But I figured that wasn’t the kind of question to be asking. So instead, I asked him this, “God, if we were to play a board game together, what game would it be and why?” (this was a question suggested in a book I was reading called Can You Hear Me? by Brad Jersak). So while I was asking this question, I was really thinking “who is my husband and when am I gonna meet him?”

I waited for a response, and what I sensed God say to me was “Guess Who”. When I asked why he said, “Because I’m going to keep you guessing about the man you’re gonna marry, right until the end.” Well wouldn’t you know that a few weeks later I met my husband, Alex. And if you’ve ever played Guess Who before, you might remember that Alex is one of the 12 male names in the game!


 (I think He might have gotten Joseph and Alex’s faces mixed up!)

All this to say, if you’re wondering who you’re gonna marry, just ask God which board game he wants to play with you. No, but seriously, when we include listening as a part of our prayer life, it really bring our relationship with Jesus to life. God loves us and He wants to communicate with us in all kinds of creative ways.

Maybe after hearing this story you think I’m a bit of a nutball, and I’m okay with that. But on Monday we’re going to start looking at how to filter our own thoughts and test what we hear to make sure it’s God and not us, or the enemy or something else. So stick with me, friends. We’ve only just begun!

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