Dealing with the Crap

This morning I had the oh-so-lovely job of trudging into the backyard to clean up a whole winters’ worth of dog poop.  Yes, that’s right, we decided to let the fresh, white snow hide the inevitable for 5 long months and now that spring has sprung and the snow is melting, the crap has been uncovered.

I know it’s pretty crazy to get a life lesson from cleaning up doggie doo doo but I can’t help it.  As I crouched down, 7 months pregnant, grabbing handfuls of frozen poopsicles with a plastic bag I wondered about what junk in my life may be buried just below the surface.  When’s the last time I did a spring cleaning for my soul?

Psalm 139:23-24: “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

Have you let some issues go unresolved in the backyard of your soul?  Are there some secret sins hidden under the thin layer of your everyday routine?  If the sun melted away the surface-level, what would be hiding there?

I ask these questions with no judgement or accusation because I ask them to myself.  And to be honest, the answer is “yes”.  Yes, I’ve let some issues go unresolved and tried to keep some of my dark thoughts secret.  Yes, I still find it easier to show the world (and God) my shiny, put-together side, rather than reveal my weakness and need.  Yes, I still take pride in what I do, rather than finding my total and complete identity in who God says I am and what Christ can do through me.  But I see it’s time to do a major clean-up and I’m ready for it.

What about you?  Are you tired of keeping things hidden and trying to look like you’ve got it all together?  Here are a few steps you can take this week to allow God to clean up the crap.

First, take some quiet time with the Lord and ask him “to search you and know you” and to bring to mind any “offensive ways” in your life.  Write those things down, confessing them to God and asking for his cleansing forgiveness.  Know that he won’t look at you with disgust or disdain, but with grace and compassion He will wash you white as snow.

Second, think about confessing some of these secret struggles to a trusted friend or mentor.  There may be areas which you’ve been hiding for a long time and habits you feel you can’t break on your own.  Why not ask someone to hold you accountable and help you find freedom from those offensive ways which may have become habitual? I know it’s scary to admit our mistakes to others and it feels very vulnerable to let them see the crap in our backyard, but you’ll be amazed at the freedom you’ll feel when you bring it into the light.

My prayer for us this week is that we’ll kick shame in the butt and choose to come into the light.  I hope each of us can lay down our pride and deal with the difficult issues we face, not on our own, but with the help of a loving Father and trusted friends.

It’s time for a spring clean up – a new, fresh beginning!

* One of my previous posts will be featured today on The High Calling.  Feel free to check it out after 12pm today!

2 thoughts on “Dealing with the Crap

  1. Beautifully written post. I read your post today (April 15) on (in)courage. That was wonderful too. God has been speaking to me lately of little things that I do – that need to be cleaned up. I wrote them on my other blog, Under the Cover of Prayer,
    I have been convicted – and that’s what I needed – to see my sin, ask forgiveness and bury it with Christ.

    Since my daughter just picked up all the “crap” in her backyard a few days ago this post has special meaning. She hurt her back bending down so many times (she has 2 small dogs and a winter’s worth of excrement).
    Sin can build up.

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