Do you have 20 Minutes?

Do you have 20 minutes to spare this week? 20 minutes to put aside all the distractions? 20 minutes to get quiet and be fully present in His presence?

I’m not gonna lie, this is an incredibly busy season of life for our family. We have an energetic 5 and 7 year old duo who never seem to stop (they were both up until 10pm last night!) We have a sweet 10 month old who learned to stand up, crawl, clap and wave all in the span of a week! We recently moved which meant purging, packing, unpacking and organizing all while trying to keep the 3 aforementioned kids alive. Then about 2 weeks after we got all unpacked and settled in, our hot water tank broke, flooding our entire basement. So we packed, purged, unpacked and organized all over again (at least it was just half of our stuff this time!)

My days consist of nursing, diaper changing, chasing, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry washing, meal making, nursing again, diaper changing again…you get the picture. And I love it. I love creating a safe space for my three to grow and learn. I love holding my sweet baby and caressing the silky skin on his chubby arms. I love it more than I’ve ever loved it before. And I feel the presence of God in all of it. I see Him in my girls bright blue eyes and feel Him in my 7 year olds perfectly timed hugs. He is Emmanuel – God with us. Not God who’s just around the next corner, or God who is waiting for me to open my Bible, or God who is watching me from a distance. God WITH us. God WITH me. Right here, right now.

But as beautifully as I feel Him holding everything together with His love in every moment of my busy day, I long for 20 minutes. 20 minutes to stop everything else and run away with Him. 20 minutes without interruption. And the truth is no matter how busy I am, I can carve out 20 minutes.

So that’s what I’m going to do this week. I’m going to take 20 minutes and steal away with my best friend. I’m going to put down what’s in my hand and open my palms to receive something fresh from Him. I’m going to walk away from the noise and tune my ear to hear what he’s saying. I’m going to stop talking long enough to hear what He might want to whisper to me.

What about you? Do you have 20 minutes?

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