Do You Really Prefer Instant Coffee?

Every night before going to bed, I look forward to my morning cup of coffee. As the mother of two young children, the nights are short and morning comes too soon – but just knowing that when I get up a cup of coffee will be warming my hands, helps a lot.

Pouring the water into the kettle, grinding the beans, waiting for the coffee to steep – the whole process take a good 5-7 minutes. One morning I was in a rush, so I tried the instant coffee hiding in the back of the pantry. A moment later, as I was taking my first sip, it became apparent that the extra time it takes to make a proper French Press really is worth it.


I came across this quote on Chris Caine’s instagram feed a few days ago and I can’t get it out of my head. At first I read it and thought of my fitness journey. Right now I want ice cream, but what I want most is the lose that last 10 lbs of baby weight and be healthier and stronger than ever before.

But this applies in so many areas of my life.

Right now I want to tune out and relax while my kids play, but what I want most is to be present and active in their lives.

Right now I want to react to my husband in frustration over our differences in opinion, but what I want most is to listen to him and seek to understand before I react.

Right now I want to give up on some of my big dreams because I’m tired of waiting, but what I want most is to see God fulfill His promises in my life.

Here’s the rub.

What I want most often takes more work, more courage, more sacrifice and wait for it – more time.

Time to grind the beans. Time to boil the water. Time to let the coffee grinds bloom. Time to press the grinds down, slowly.

But in the end, if I can say no to instant gratification, be faithful to the process, and just wait, I end up with a perfectly delicious brewed cup, rather than a bitter instant brew that leaves me wanting.

What is it you want most? Is what you want now keeping you from what you want most?

One thought on “Do You Really Prefer Instant Coffee?

  1. Well put Heather. So appreciate these gentle reminders. What we want now can be hard to ignore but at the same time not be what is best (or God’s best) for us. It can be so valuable to stop and ask “what do I want most?” because it is worth pursuing/waiting for!

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