Don’t Give Up

Do you ever feel like giving up? Like you’ve been pushing and striving and trying and getting no where? Like you’re banging your head against a wall? I’ve been there, friend. In many ways I’m there right now.

I write and speak about living your dreams and pursuing God’s best for your life – life abundant, life beyond, but sometimes I doubt the very truths I preach. In moments of discouragement I wonder why even bother dreaming at all? Can you relate?

But the thing is, our breakthrough could be right around the next corner, right over the next hill, just beyond the horizon of our current circumstance. And more than the breakthrough that we’re seeking, praying for, believing will come, we have access to the ONE who breaks through. The God who has called us more than conquerors is with us as we walk through the dry, desolate dessert of our doubts. The ONE who is for you not against you – that ONE is by your side.

So yes, it may look like there’s no hope right now and it may seem that you’ve been working so hard for nothing, but the TRUTH is you’re doing it with your SAVIOR by your side. How can it be a loss if you’re walking with Him? How can we be discouraged when the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is in us?!

I’m preaching to myself here, dear one. I’ve been struggling with taking the small steps when all I want is the leaps and bounds. I want, I want, I want…

But the Lord, in all His grace and compassion, knows what I really need. And if I embrace the small beginnings, rather than despise them, and turn to JESUS who is walking right by my side, perhaps I’ll begin to see. And I don’t mean see with these physical eyes, the physical things – but really see, with the eyes of my heart.

So my friend, I’m praying for you today – you who feel discouraged, drained, in despair. I’m praying that you’ll press on towards the goal, walk through the dessert, keep climbing that steep hill. And more than praying you’ll reach your goal quicker, or easier, or more efficiently, I’m praying you’ll take a moment to look and see the God that walks with you, the one that’s cheering for you, the one that’s strengthening you from within.

What are you struggling with these days? Is there I goal you’re trying to reach that feels far away? I’d love to pray for you so please feel free to leave a comment or send an email to heather{at}heatherboersma{dot}com.

Much Love,

6 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up

  1. Oh yes–That was my day yesterday! I had to call on some very special women to remind me that He does love me and He does hear me. 🙂 This is beautiful and so so true. He is always with us–and I cannot doubt His plan for me. Thank you for writing!

  2. Your post speaks directly to my heart, thank you for writing it. In this season of my life I am fighting for my husband and my family. He is giving in to the enemy, failing to see who he is in Christ and as a result considering giving up my family. I am in a situation I never thought I would be in, trusting God is bigger than this situation. I am now away from my home at my parents getting stronger in a painful and weary situation. So thank you for writing.

  3. hi heather its was so nice to read & listen to you speak on huntley street. I want so much to have a personal relationship with the Lord & know his plan for my life
    that today I was feeling hopeless & wondered if God cared why can’t he reach me.
    I go to church, read the bible occasionally & pray when my roomate suggest it.
    I just find it difficult to relate to someone I can’t see, I guess sometimes my faith fails me. I really need the Lord I am middle age & got married in march 2010& my husband separated from me last november 2011. my husband is a nomimal
    christian, he will be divorcing me november 2012. please pray for me I really need
    to know Jesus loves me.
    thank you so much

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