Dreamer Workshop Tip #6: Go with Your Gut

Dreamer Workshop is a series with practical tips you can use to move forward and accomplish your big dreams.  Whether your goals are related to business or blogging, family or fitness, or anything else, these tips will help you TAKE STEPS towards seeing your dreams come to fruition.

The Dreamer Workshop is about living your dreams, not just dreaming your dreams! Find all the tips here:

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Tip #6: Go with Your Gut

We dreamers are full of ideas.  We have so many ideas, sometimes it keeps us up at night, planning and scheming and envisioning.  We solve the world’s problems in the shower, and plot our next five years before we’ve even finished our breakfast.

(a few of my favorite dreamers…)

And what’s a dreamer to do with all of those dreams?

How do we narrow down which ones to pursue now, which to pursue later, and which to let go of?

So many ideas, so little time.

All of these thoughts and questions lead me to Dreamer Workshop Tip #6...


Here’s what I mean.

As you may or may not know, I recently published my first book, Dream Big.  It’s a 30 day devotional written primarily to youth and young adults who are looking to figure out what their big dreams are and how to make those dreams come true.  So now I’m in the process of marketing this book.  And I  have all kinds of ideas about how to do that.  For example, a book tour, contacting youth groups and Christian schools, speaking at conferences and retreats, promoting it as a grad gift, etc. etc.  And within each one of those ideas, are ten smaller ideas and steps like: call such and such a school, email such and such a youth group, etc.

But to be honest, as a wife and mother of an 8 month old I don’t have time or energy to pursue every single one of these ideas.  Nor do I think I should.

But how do we dreamers choose which dreams to pursue?

Go with your gut.

I believe that God has a plan for your life, to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). So as we pursue the heart of God, He will show us which ideas are from Him and which are not.

It may be that this one thought keeps coming up over and over again.  Or perhaps a certain person keeps crossing your path. Or maybe there’s just something in your Spirit that says “YES!” every time you consider a certain possibility.

Go with it. 

Don’t worry about all of the ideas that are being left behind.  Pursuing the ones God highlights to you is the most effective way to see you big dreams come true. He’s the one who gave you those dreams in the first place and He promises to bring to completion what He’s begun in you.

So go with your gut.  And do make sure to keep your gut in check, by spending quality time with the Lord, soaking in His presence and filling your mind with the Truth of His Word.

What recurring thought or idea do you think God wants you to move forward with this week?  Spend a few minutes in prayer asking Him to highlight the next step to you.

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