Dressing a Boy

I love dressing my boy.

It’s my guilty pleasure.

That and watching Project Runway.  (“One of you will be in, and one of you will be OUWT!“)

But really, who said there aren’t cute boy clothes out there?  Granted they are few and far between, and the girls section is always twice a big as the boys.  But I’ve had some good luck with cutie boy clothes so now I’m going to indulge myself, leave behind any life lessons, spiritual truths or insightful thoughts, and just post some pictures of my cutie in his stylie clothes!

Maybe I should start a baby fashion blog!

Shirt- Old Navy, Shorts – Gymboree
Pullover – Baby Gap, Pants – Baby Gap (both majorly on sale!! $4.99 for the pants and $7.99 for the pullover!)
Shirt – Gymboree, Vest – H&M, Jeans – Old Navy
Shirt – Shower Gift, sorry don’t know where this little number is from.

So there you have it.  A few of my thrifty, stylish finds.

I won’t post any photos of me cuz I’m still in my pj’s, as usual.  It’ll be a good day if I actually shower and put some clean clothes on!

8 thoughts on “Dressing a Boy

  1. I saw this “mon ami” sleeper at “The Print Shop” – silk screening studio on Martha street in Winnipeg.

    I bought one that says “bebe” for my french sister-in-law

    Very cute

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