Etched on My Heart

Yesterday was my 28th birthday.

I went for lunch with C and my mom, did some shopping and received a dozen pink roses from my husband.

In the evening my mom came over to babysit so Alex and I could go see a movie.

We saw 50/50.

It was such a beautiful movie (with way too much profanity) and had me in tears several times.  It’s the story of a 27 year old diagnosed with cancer, and watching it brought me back to when mom fought (and beat!) breast cancer.

But an unexpected gift came during the movie.

There was a moment in the film where the main character (who has cancer) is sitting outside with his two friends who are also cancer patient.  As they’re talking, the wife of one of the men comes outside to drop of drinks she’s made for them.

She turns to head back inside and the man reaches out for her hand, saying “You’re leaving already?  Why don’t you stay.”

She smiles back and him and sits on the arm of his Adirondack chair.  She turns her face towards his and says something quietly to him.  For a moment they look at each other with a look of deep love that has weathered the worst storms.  Then they share a sweet kiss, while the other guys watch with a mix of admiration and envy, before she goes back into the house.

And then it happens.

Alex reaches for my hand and whispers in my ear, “That’s going to be us” and gently kisses me.

Melt my heart right now.

You still know how to take my breath away Alex Boersma. 

Thank you for the best birthday present ever.

What was the best unexpected gift you ever received?

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