In Every Season

I’m so excited to share a new resource created with you, the big dreamer, the goal setter, the one who believes God has more in store than you could ever ask or imagine, in mind.

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In Every Season is a 20 page PDF designed to help you define your current season and set goals that fit with your season, so you can experience fruitfulness. Whether you’re single, married, a stay at home or work out of the home parent, entrepreneur or artist. If you’re feeling called into something new, or feeling led into a time of rest, “In Every Season” was created to help you clarify your goals and take steps towards them.

InEverySeasonThese pages include:

– Season defining exercises

– This beautiful print (designed by Amy Lou Hawthorne)

– Setting seasonal goals

– Obstacles to Opportunity work sheet

– A unique goal-focused to do list



When you purchase this PDF, it will be sent directly to your pay pal email address and can be printed off and placed in a binder, or viewed on your phone, tablet or computer. If you have any challenges with this process, please contact me!

Get your copy here.


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