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This has been a really exciting week! The biggest and bestest news of the week is that baby girl is no longer breech! She turned head down and the doctor says we are good to go for a VBAC. It seems strange that I’m actually looking forward to labor and delivery, but if it means I don’t have to have another C-section, then so be it. Thank you so much for all your prayers and love and support on this one.  Keep praying for us though. If I don’t go into labor by 42 weeks, I’ll end up with a c-section anyways because they don’t induce for VBAC’s. (if you don’t know what VBAC means, just google it 🙂

I got a new job! For the past few months I’ve been praying that God would connect me with a team, a community, and people I can do ministry and life with. I’ve been on my own with speaking and writing for the past 5 years, and I don’t want to do it on my own. I want to work with others and be under the covering of a ministry. Well, this prayer has been answered in several ways this past few weeks.

First, I was officially hired part time to work for Family Life Network and the Beautiful Unique Girl ministry.  As many of you know, I started speaking with BUGirl tour back in 2005-2007 and had an amazing experience growing as a leader and speaker. Now I will be helping them run their blog and social media. The amazing thing about this job is I can do it all from home and pick my own hours. It’s really just so perfect and more than anything I feel blessed to be apart of their amazing team.

Second, I was invited to contribute to the Influence Network blog and teach an Influence Network class on the Basics of Public Speaking (March 7th, 8pm CST). For those of you who don’t know what the Influence Network is, you should really check it out.  It’s an amazing place for women to connect online and I’m so blessed and honored to be apart of it. I had no idea God would use me to do ministry online, but it’s really so perfect for this season of my life and I’m excited to see what’s next.

I’ve also been doing some online mentoring and an online bible study with some incredible women I’ve met through this blog. Again, mentoring and bible studies are something I didn’t think I’d have the time to do during this season of staying at home with little ones, but the internet has made it possible. (For more info about being apart of my next mentoring group or online bible study, shoot me an email:

Oh, and I’m preaching this Sunday at my church (Winnipeg Centre Vineyard), so please pray for me if you think of it.

All of this exciting news is such an answer to prayer. It reminds me once again that God is faithful, and He does keep His promises. It’s not about me or anything I’ve done – it’s all about Him and His desire to do more in our lives than we could ever ask or imagine. Sometimes it feels like all we are doing is sowing seeds, but remember, when we sow generously, we reap generously. Keep sowing those seeds, friends. Don’t give up.

Okay, now some fun links for you to check out this weekend:

1. If you’re a woman and you like conferences, check out these two: Influence Conference and Hope Spoken.  I’m hoping/praying to attend both of them and would love to see you there!

2. Need a little spiritual boost? These podcasts by Chris Caine are always encouraging, inspiring, and butt-kicking.

3. I read these books a few months back and enjoyed them so much.  If you’re due for a good fiction, check em out. And apparently Divergent is being made into a movie with Kate Winslett?!?

4. And here’s a cute video of my boy singing a sweet song.

Happy weekend, friends!



8 thoughts on “Exciting News and Fun Links

  1. Hey Heather -I came across your blog from the Influence Network, I saw that you were a fellow Canadian so I clicked over. I love the ministry of Beautiful Unique Girl, congratulations on the job! I’d really love some more info on your mentoring group!

    1. Yay for Canadian bloggers! I’m really glad to have connected with you. I was browsing your blog and feel it’s a God-thing we’ve connected. I’m excited to get to know you better Chantel.

  2. I am SO excited you’ll be doing an influence class. Like SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED! I am also so excited your doctor is giving you the chance to try for a vbac, I hope it works for you! Did for me, and while I had some complications afterwards the healing was much quicker than post csection.

  3. Oh Heather,

    Such a happy post – filled with love and excitement. Thanking God for giving you your dreams. Goes with your book.

    Love it. Praying that all will go well and that you will feel fulfilled with this new job. Praying for the little one. When are you due?


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