Facing Fears and Creating from the Heart

Today was my first day on set for the Beautiful Unique Girl TV series and we were tackling the topic of depression. As much as I’ve been excited for this part of the process, I was super nervous and battling all kinds of fears.

What if I suck on camera? What if I can’t remember what I want to say? What if it comes across as inauthentic?

It’s so easy to let fear take hold of us. It’s so easy to buy into the lie that everything depends on me and how well I perform. It’s so easy to think that perfection is the only result worth creating for.

But the truth is God doesn’t require perfection, He asks for obedience.

God doesn’t need our amazing talent, He wants our willingness.

It’s worth showing up and saying yes because that’s when we get a chance to be apart of something bigger than ourselves.

When we create from the heart we invite others into the experience, rather than distancing them with some impossible standard of perfection that no one can live up to.

So I will continue to ignore the lies that I’m not enough, and embrace the truth that He is able.

Will you?

Here’s a little promo video for the show to give you a taste of what’s to come in January 2015.

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