Favourite Finds

Here are some of my favourite finds on the world wide web this week.

friday favourites

This episode of Bethel TV Revival Chats was such a huge encouragement to me this week. Praise the Lord for a year of Open Doors!

I’ve been researching for a new workshop I’ll be offering called Social Media and Our Students. I found a few great articles by Sarah Brooks that have been so helpful.

This article by Relevant callled 5 Questions to Ask Before Posting to Social Media has also been challenging and convicting me. It’s helping me filter what I’m posting on Instagram so that I can bring hope to my followers.

I’m loving these new prints that my friend Jessi created for her Winter 2014 line. Such a beautiful way to display scripture in our homes.

I had SO much fun teaching my class called “So you want to Quit the Internet” last night. I was especially excited to connect with a lady a truly admire, Lara Casey. She is such an inspiration to me and I was honored to have her in my class.

I love following Kate on Instagram. She posts amazing photos of her boys and recently started this site where she features photos of her boys dressed up in the most precious costumes during nap time.

What has been encouraging and inspiring you on the web this week? Share in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Favourite Finds

  1. I appreciate you very much, Heather! Your honesty about your book journey really sunk into my soul. I woke up and thought, “well, if my book “fails” at least I will have a copy for Grace to read someday.” To Him be all the glory. Thank you again!

  2. I really enjoyed your class last night Heather. I started my Etsy shop eight weeks ago and my blog three weeks ago and am still in the early stages of developing both. I have been trying to not look at the stats and to write/create for myself, but sometimes I slip up and doubt myself or worry what others might think. Your class encouraged me to search my heart before hitting ‘publish’ on a post or listing a new print, and to check in with God to make sure that I am following His lead with my endeavors. Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom last night! 🙂

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