“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18

It’s so easy to become focused on the wrong things. Our eyes are naturally drawn to what is right in front of us, what is here and now.  Our hearts tend to have the same problem.

I’m all for living in the moment, especially when those moments are so sweet.

Watching my little boy grow and change and learn. Witnessing my husband work with integrity and creativity to provide for our family. Seeing my closest friends press into the heart of God and blow me away with their generosity and grace. I love these moments.

But we can only truly “see” these moments and celebrate them for what they are, with a vision of eternity in mind. And sometimes the moments are anything but sweet and their bitterness seems to demand our full attention.

What is seen is temporary.

What is unseen is eternal.

How can we fix our eyes on what is unseen – eternal, and still live in the moment?

Perhaps it means taking a step back.  It’s hard to see the bigger picture when our nose is pressed against a corner of the painting.  When the day to day becomes so overwhelming, the to do lists longer, the piles of laundry higher and the relational demands on us, greater.

But when we step back, even just for a few moments, the space between us and our here-and-now allows an adjustment in our perspective.  Suddenly the sweet is sweeter and the bitter more bearable.

When I step back I see that I’m raising not just a 9 month old boy, but a son of the most high God.

I see that these challenging moments with his silly helmet and the odd stares I get in public and the awkwardness it adds to our life is just a whisper of the breath that is this life.

I see that my daily demands are not a matter of life and death but they are an opportunity for worship – a potential offering I can bring to my God and King.  A living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to Him.

I see that the insecurities I have about my worth, my skill as a writer, my future as a speaker and teacher of God’s word are unfounded.  In Him I am wholly loved and accepted, bought with His very life.  What could make me any more secure than that?  God gave His very life for me, for you.

And in this place I find my focus again.  Heaven.  Eternity.  Bringing His kingdom, here on earth AS IT IS in heaven.

Perhaps you will take a step back with me today and allow your perspective to shift and rest on what is unseen?  And as you do, may you “see” and “hear” the exuberant love of the Father coming through louder and clearer than before.

11 thoughts on “Focus

  1. I love what you wrote about seeing the moments with the vision of eternity. I think it’s Randy Alcorn who writes that every wonderful, beautiful earthly moment we find joy in is a taste of Heaven.

    So I guess the unseen is in every seen moment, and we can taste Heaven every day. Thanks for the reminder to have an eternal perspective!

  2. thank you so much for this reminder! i am dying to just move already. it’s not time. i needed the reminder to just be content in these last couple of weeks. love this! ox

  3. girl. what a breath of fresh air. His Kingdom IS here…amen for that!! 🙂 and Im so thankful that we get to be a part of witnessing the things of His glory and His plan…even when we cannot “see” it. Thanks for sharing, I truly love your heart.

  4. Really wonderful post! SO very true I really need to read this today, thanks for sharing I am coming over from bits of splendor.

  5. Great reminder- I keep trying to ask myself “in light of eternity will this really matter?” and almost always the answer is no. Thanks for the reminder- I pretty much need it daily!

    PS He is adorable in his helmet 🙂

  6. how did you know i needed to read this today?
    thank you. so much.
    and i can tell you from what i’ve read, you have no need to be insecure
    about your writing. you have such a talent, thank you for sharing it with us.

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