#gospelliving: Effort, As you Go

As I think and pray about #gospelliving, and ask the Lord what it is He is calling us to, I know it starts in the simple and the small. Yes, we are called to “go and make disciples”, but the word “go” in this verse can actually be translated “as you go”. Gospel living is not just about planning specific trips, events, fundraisers, missions etc.  This is part of it, most definitely, but an even larger part of it is just loving and sharing truth “as we go” about our day to day lives.

This week it looked like taking a phone call when I was already busy, and stopping my plans to listen to the heart of my next door neighbor. We have the most wonderful neighbors in the world. They are friendly, fun and I just really like them both.  They have a son two weeks older than Cohen and in the summer we chat over the fence often. However, the winter cold keeps us all in doors and we end up not seeing a lot of each other.

So in the winter, it means if I don’t make an effort, we don’t stay in touch. This week #gospelliving is about making an effort. It’s about baking cookies and walking the 5 steps between our side doors to knock and drop them off.  It means picking up the phone to call my neighbor, who I’ve never called before, just to see how things are going. It means praying for a family that I’ve lived beside for 2 1/2 years and really don’t know that well.

Who are the people you run into on a day to day basis that need the love of Jesus? In your already existing routine, where are the opportunities to share a hug, a smile, a plate of warm cookies? How far would a little effort go in making the most of every opportunity God is already giving you?

I’ve spent so much time this past month praying for opportunities and now I’m realizing they are already there. What I really need is the wisdom, courage and the desire to make the most of those opportunities. What I really need is to put in a little effort.

How about you? How is #gospelliving working itself out in your life this week? What is one way you could make the most of an already-existing opportunity to share the love of Jesus?


5 thoughts on “#gospelliving: Effort, As you Go

  1. Absolutely love this….and you are so right! He does put people all around us. This is definitely something I struggle with. Thank you for posting.

  2. i can’t tell you how much i loved this post. i just wrote a couple this past week about finding the simple devotion in my life, and how that transcends into finding the things God wants fro my life. it made me really think about what i was doing right now. how it can be dangerous to always think about the future and forget about the here and now. thanks so much for this encouragement!

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