Not For Love, But From Love

Walking into the auditorium, my heart pounded with expectation (and some anxiety). Surely when 1100 people sacrifice everything and move their lives across states, countries, even continents, driven by a hunger for more intimacy with God – surely then He will show up. And that’s why we’ve come, not to network or get noticed by the right people, not to fill our heads with more knowledge or enjoy a great worship set, but to get totally wrecked by the love of the Father.

Because even though we’ve been singing “Jesus loves me this I know” since we were babes, our hearts don’t really get it. Even though we’ve been hearing “God loves you” from the moment we stepped into the church, we still act like orphaned children, longing and working for the acceptance, approval and assurance He’s already given to us.

We still worry how we look when we raise our hands in worship. We still listen to words spoken from the stage with suspicion, waiting for something to be offended by. We still don’t really believe this truth:

I don’t work for love but from love.

Let that sink in, past your head and deep down into your heart.

You don’t have to work for His love. You don’t have to say and do the “right things” to earn His approval. You already have it!

Since the moment you said yes to Jesus, you’ve been clothed with Christ.

You are no longer a slave, stuck and struggling in your sin, you are now a son, a daughter of God.

And our heavenly Father is a good dad. He’s not the kind that focuses on your flaws and shames you for your sin. He loves and celebrates you, he champions you, he wants you to be great – to succeed!

So today I’m praying for a deeper revelation of His love. I’m praying for the chains of performance to be broken off and His arms of love to surround me, reminding me I was made to soar.



4 thoughts on “Not For Love, But From Love

  1. More than anything I want this to move from my head to my heart. I literally beat myself up every evening for not being the mother I want my kids to have. I KNOW this revelation could change my life. But I don’t know how to have it!

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