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Hi, I’m Heather!

A few weeks ago I wasn’t gonna come to this conference. I wanted to, but figured it would be too expensive and too early to leave my baby. But then I started praying about it. And a few days later, a blog friend of mine messaged me and offered me a spot in her hotel room, for free! So I ran it past my husband and that sweet, sweet man actually said yes! So I just booked my flights for Hope Spoken this morning, and there was apart of me that wanted to back out at the last minute, because even though I’m super excited, I’m aΒ little nervous too.

Something I’m nervous about is leaving my baby girl Claire for the first time. She’ll be turning one the day I get home. She’s just growing up way too fast. I’m also nervous that I won’t have any hip clothes to wear. But how about we all just agree not to worry about what we’re wearing and instead focus on just loving each other? Yes?

What I’m hoping for is #1. to meet with Jesus in a new way, and #2 to connect with many blogging friends, some whom I’ve met, and others I’ve never met in person, and hopefully make new friends too. I’m praying for divine appointments.

A little random fact: I love wakeboarding. And waterskiing. And cliff jumping. When people meet me I imagine they think I’d prefer sitting in the boat watching, but not me. Six weeks after my C-section with my son Cohen, I was out on the water, wakesurfing. I just love it. Being by the water is my happy place. Oh – and I’m from Canada! Any other Canadian out there attending?!?

Find me on instagram, I’d love to connect!

14 thoughts on “Hope Spoken Link Up

  1. Hey beauty! Didnt I meet you at The Influence Conference?!? I signed up for this not knowing a soul and so I have still somewhat hesitated to even buy my plane ticket πŸ™‚ BUT I know this will be another soul filling experience and I am so excited to meet God there and precious souls like yours!!
    Have a blessed day sweet friend!

    Love, Amy K

  2. Im from Northern Minnesota… so basically Canada πŸ™‚

    Super excited your taking the risk + going! I totally resonate with you on so many levels, thank you for being transparent!

    Meet soon! xo

  3. So me, you, and our own bags of chips and our own jars of salsa… side by side in our very unhip clothes sounds like a brilliant way to spend 3 days. But I should warn you, if I cry (which I’m pretty sure everyone will cry at one point or another over the weekend) my nose turns red like rudolph. I’m not from Canada but I grew up close enough πŸ˜‰ and now since I live right by water, I think that we’re pretty much destined to hang out together!! Can’t wait to meet you!!

  4. Hi Heather! I’m excited you took the plunge and decided to go! Looking forward to meeting you. I know God is gonna do a mighty work in our hearts. I love that little sweet pea you have…she’s darling πŸ™‚

  5. I’m nervous about leaving my “little” ones, too! This will be the longest I’ll be leaving them – like ever. I’m from Virginia, and my parents are from the Philippines – not even close to Canada at all πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to seeing you in March!

  6. Hey girl!!!
    I’m only just getting to read all these now I’m actually making time before getting to the conference. But I can’t wait to meet you!! =)
    I’m hoping the clothes thing isn’t an issue either, although this time, I’m determined not to think about it haha! =)
    Much Love!

    P.S. That little Claire is just precious! =)

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