How to be a Cabin

If you could sum up 2013 in one word, what would it be?

Mine would be GRACE.

Not because I was so amazing at showing it, but because I needed is so much.

This year, especially the past few months, I’ve become very aware of how much I need God’s grace in every area of my life, especially as a wife and mom. I love my husband and two children more than life itself, but the daily reality of staying at home full time has been tough.  Most days I feel like my life consists of little more than changing diapers and cleaning up Lego and dog hair from under the couch. Even though I know my role as a mother is extremely significant, my heart often loses sight of that and I struggle to keep a positive attitude. On those days I fantasize about packing a small suitcase and buying a plane ticket to anywhere but here. On those days I literally live on a diet of grace.

Never before have I been so grateful that this verse is true:

“…love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 2.24.19 PM

God’s love for me is so great that instead of pointing out and punishing me for my shortcomings, He covers me with love. And the more I think on this verse, the more I feel compelled to do the same for others. I’ve been shown such grace and now it’s time for me to pass it on – especially to those closest to me.

The greek word for “covers” in this verse is “kalupto” which means “hut or cabin”. When we allow our love for someone to cover their sins, it doesn’t mean we ignore or hide the sin. It means we invite them into a place of grace, and within the safety of relationship, we work it out together.

So when my son disobeys or throws a fit, instead of isolating or ignoring him, I want to show him I am a safe place. There will still be consequences and change, but love trumps sin every time.

And when my husband doesn’t perfectly anticipate my every need (what? he can’t read my mind?), instead of pulling away and putting up walls, I can invite conversation and connection – a safe place to work things out.

We can be the cabin.

I love this image beacause our family cabin is my favourite place on earth. It’s a place I go to relax, to breathe, to rest, to hear from God. When I’m there I feel alive and free and safe.

It’s beautiful to think that when I love others and show grace in the face of sin, this is what I’m offering to them as well. Not permission to sin, but a place to feel alive and free and safe to deal with their challenges.

I can be that place. So can you.


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