How To Do It All

Do you ever look around at other people and wonder how they do it all? Raise a brood of young children, write an inspiring blog, serve in their home church, adopt all the babies, run an online business, and still have time to bake gluten free, dairy free, sugar free muffins for their neighbour down the street!


Social media is a gift! It’s a way to encourage, connect, and spread the good news of the gospel. But it can be a curse when we use it to measure our lives against the lives of others. Or when we sum up another persons’ success based solely on what we see of them online.

Over the last few months I’ve run into friends I don’t see very often and they’ve commented on how busy I seem to be and asked me, “how do you do it all?”. It got me thinking that I must not portray what my every day life really looks like, on social media. I try really hard to be honest, and not just highlight the good, but be real about the bad.

Online it may look like someone is thriving in motherhood, but really they (a-hem, me) are feeling at a total loss, throwing their hands up in frustration and mystification. Online it may appear that someone has such a busy social and professional schedule, but really they are just posting their monthly highlights – their 5%.

95% of my time is still spent wiping bums (cute ones, for sure, but still bums), pouring juice or milk into sippy cups, going for walks to the same park – every day, and trying to calm unexplainable tantrums. 5% is spent speaking/writing/working on other projects.

The truth is, no one does it all.

We all have our percentages.

Maybe yours is more like 50/50 and your friend from church is 80/20, and that’s okay. We’re each in our own season and we each thrive best when we’re operating the way God created us, rather than trying to be and do what someone else is.

Did you know broccoli is in season 8 months of the year? But strawberries are only in season for one month. Does that diminish the goodness of in-season strawberries? Um, no. Does it make broccoli better than strawberries? (I don’t need to answer that, do I?)

Just because your season is different or shorter or more/less intense than someone else’s, it doesn’t take away from how fruitful God can make you in that season (or how delicious that fruit will be).

You don’t need to do it all, friends. You just need to be who He made you to be – unapologetically, without comparison.

5 thoughts on “How To Do It All

  1. Amen! It’s been on my mind quite a bit lately… since we had our second son last year I feel like there is so much that I don’t get done. Sometimes I focus too much on what I’m not accomplishing that I get down and loose focus on all the things that I am accomplishing with my baby boys. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Powerful words and a much needed reminder. As a newish mom going through life with a micro preemie NICU grad, moving to a new town and the stress of my own medical issues I feel like I haven’t lived up to my expectation of parenthood and life as a mom. It doesn’t help when I find myself comparing myself to those mom’s on social media who ‘has it all together’ or ‘fits it all in’. This has reminded me again that social media only shows a fraction of what’s happening when the cell phones sitting in the counter amidst the pile of dirty dishes. Thanks Heather!

  3. thanks for the reminder that we don’t need to do it all. i often feel like i try to fit everything in my little schedule and fall short time after time. what i should be doing is focusing on being who He has made me to be right now…. at this time in my life. thanks!

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